“The best thing money can buy is financial freedom”

Rob Berger

We always discuss fees, either before or during the first meeting.

We will provide a bespoke proposal based on the scope of the project we’re working together on. There will be no fees without your agreement. You will never receive surprise bills and there are no hidden charges.

When it comes to our fees, we pride ourselves on being fair and transparent, offering a value for money service that, in turn, adds value to the people we work with.

Recent evidence clearly demonstrates the value of financial advice:

A 2017 report by the International Longevity Centre showed that, on average, people who work with a financial adviser boost their assets by £41,099.

The International Longevity Centre also found that people of all ages who take financial advice save, on average, £773 per year.

A study by Unbiased revealed that people who take financial advice have an additional income of £3, 654 each year in retirement (based on a pension pot of £100,00).

With that in mind, here’s how we work:

Initial review

Our initial review includes:

  • A discovery meeting to fact find and establish your needs, goals and ambitions
  • An analysis of your financial circumstances, including your existing asset holdings (pensions, savings etc.)
  • A cashflow model to demonstrate potential solutions
  • A full financial report
  • A review meeting to showcase and discuss your plan


A plan is only as good as its implementation. The cost of implementing of our recommendations is usually a percentage of the investment.


We offer an ongoing service to cater to a variety of requirements, ensuring you stay on track to meet your goals. Our annual fee is 0.5% of the money we manage on your behalf. This is lower than the average fee charged by other financial advisers and planners.

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