What we do

We believe that proper planning is essential to make your goals a financial reality, whether they’re short or long-term.

We believe in:

  • The power of keeping things simple. We guide our clients through their options in a comprehensive and accessible way, working towards securing a successful financial future without the jargon and confusion.
  • Providing a personal service. If you ring Simon, you will get Simon. We believe in delivering a thoroughly personal service, with your financial planner on the other end of the line as your first port of call.
  • The freedom of independence. We are independent financial advisers. That means we have the freedom to recommend the right financial products to implement your plan. We react to your different needs and circumstances in an unrestricted way, meaning we can place your best interests at the heart of the advice we give.

Our approach to financial planning and our investment philosophy reflect this.

What is financial planning?

You might not know how to marry your lifelong ambitions with your finances, but a proper financial plan will be able to eradicate any uncertainty. We work to make your personal objectives a financial reality, whether they’re short-term or long-term.

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Our investment philosophy

We want to let clients and prospective clients know what we believe successful investing looks like. When making investment recommendations, we are guided by four key principles that enable us to provide exemplary advice.

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What do our clients have to say?